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Quick. We only get a few seconds to differentiate ourselves from the other guys. We’re builders. We come to work every day and build important things like trust, loyalty and relationships.

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There’s a common thread throughout the people at Day: Intellectual curiosity. It’s an important quality that pushes us to work harder, dig deeper and drive change.

Amanda Day

Katherine Davis

Roxanna Londoño

Kellie Majorie

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Amanda Day / Founder and President

Concisely, Amanda is known for her savvy smarts and brilliant execution. But that’s just a start. Her wide-reaching experience with Fortune 500 companies, government, small businesses, infrastructure and transportation agencies, community planning, healthcare and non-profits put her in a category by herself.


The tougher the challenge for Amanda, the better.  Armed with an international MBA, an insatiable curiosity and a radical personal work ethic, she shies away at nothing.  A highly public, sensitive issue – no problem. For a product launch in an extremely competitive industry, Amanda says “bring it on!” Carving out a five percent improvement in market share – absolutely.


Amanda’s founding philosophy for Day Communications has never changed since she hung out her shingle in 2006: we will always be learning, always be ready and always delivering with tailor-made strategies and programs.


Clients know Amanda brings the right talent, structure and follow-through to every project, every time.


Her life’s journey in and out of boardrooms, on Capitol Hill, traveling the world and volunteering at an orphanage in Honduras is what drives her to make every day a better day for her valued clients and her team.

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Katherine Davis / Senior Marketing Specialist

Picture a left-brained talent for data-driven client outcomes, combine it with a right-brained knack for finding creative solutions, and you’ve got Katherine Davis, Senior Marketing Specialist. Katherine isn’t afraid to experiment with new approaches that drive campaigns and projects to the next level. And best of all, she brings the numbers to back up results.

As a project manager, Katherine literally astounds our clients. How? Her unrivaled project management and communications skills set projects up right the first time so plenty of attention can go toward the creativity needed to drive results. Sure, her degree from the University of Virginia and design work at Corcoran College of Art & Design gives her an edge in driving exceptional graphic design products at Day. However, her mastery of data visualization makes numbers part of effective storytelling for our clients in presentations, strategic and reporting documents.

Katherine’s attention to detail to meet every deadline is balanced by her unique blend of grace and determination to get things done. Running and tennis keep Katherine sane when she’s not handling meetings and deadlines for Day clients. Her happy place is Kauai, Hawaii, and she returns there with her husband as often as possible.

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Roxanna Londoño /

Roxanna Londoño is the administrative soul of Day Communications, working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly for our office and our clients. Roxanna uses her 20 years of experience working on contracts, task orders, and assisting the team with duties large and small.
Roxanna came to Day Communications in 2022 and immediately made an impact. Her vast organization, business, and interpersonal skills – and her extraordinary attention to detail – assure nothing is missed. In a fast-paced office where multiple balls are in the air, Roxanna is a master juggler.
A resident of Central Florida for more than a decade after growing up in South Florida, Roxanna and her husband are parents to two daughters and a fur baby boy named Milo, a whoodle.
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Kellie Majorie / Project Manager of Creative Services

Kellie Majorie, Project Manager of Creative Services, is the eye behind the creativity at Day Communications. Whether producing a logo, corporate video, print collateral, website page or a digital ad series, Kellie pairs her knowledge of graphic design with marketing savvy to create visuals that compel audiences to look longer or click faster.

At Day, we often refer to Kellie as “Teflon” because nothing gets in her way of meeting every deadline, finding deeply buried website pages that need updating or reading between the lines in a creative development session with a client. Clients relish both her ability to deliver creative solutions and attention to detail.

Kellie’s driven with a passion for effective design and an eagerness to bring out the best in a client’s brand identity. She’s a natural-born caretaker — at least, we think that’s what her husband, kids, rabbit, mini donkey, five horses, three cats and two dogs would say.

Trenda McPherson

Dori Madison

Lauren Powell


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Trenda McPherson /

You know someone’s special when they can cut through red tape to make big things happen within a public agency. That’s Trenda McPherson.


Her get-it-done focus combined with her passion to make communities safer is what has made her a recognized pioneer in delivering game-changing countermeasures to create communities (places) where people can bike, walk and get around stress-free. Trenda advocates that everyone has right to arrive at their destination safely, no matter what mode of transportation they choose.


It’s no wonder Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA) and state transportation agencies across the country look to her as a subject matter expert for technical assessments to assist states advancing programs. In these roles and for Day Communications clients, Trenda helps local and state jurisdictions determine how to remove roadblocks for safer streets and to secure and manage federally-funded programs.


Trenda found her way to Day as a client. As a team, we forged new ground on coalition-building and behavior change programs across Florida that now serve as new models for safety public engagement. That’s how we learned that “no” is not an option for her. For Day Communications’ clients, that translates into no-holds barred strategies, on-target communications, impeccable project management and documentation every time.


When you work with Trenda, you’ll feel enriched and appreciated. That’s because she makes integrous leadership and team building her personal priorities. Off the clock, Trenda spends time out in the Florida outdoors with her family on bike and walking trails she’s worked hard to make a normal part of daily living in the sunshine state

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Dori Madison / Senior Project Manager

We look to Dori as a business builder for our clients as a senior project manager. She has a knack for sniffing out opportunities, creating unexpected strategies and developing tactics that are anything but fluff. Her experience as a CMO, advertising sales manager, a business development manager and business owner give her a 360° perspective on how to deliver bottom line results.


Day clients appreciate Dori’s straight-forward style and high-level thinking to move nearly any marcomm conversation forward.  On a personal side, she is known for quippy philosophic commentary and her book and outdoor adventure recommendations.

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Lauren Powell / Graphic Designer and Production Coordinator

Lauren Powell, our Graphic Designer and Production Coordinator, brings to Day Communications both a disciplined and artistic approach to designing client materials. Armed with degrees in both graphic design and fine arts, she approaches each project with laser focus to ensure contemporary and compelling visual impact.


Each day at Day, Lauren adds magic to digital and print advertising, social media, website graphics, presentations, newsletters and more. Our clients love her experience in both B2C and B2B design, always putting the right blend of eye-catching pop to whatever the project demands.  Prior to joining Day, Lauren put her talents to work as the in-house designer for a major US furniture retailer group and designed for a national insurance company to create graphics for a wide variety of clients and industries.


When not putting her imagination to work for our clients, Lauren loves putting her creative talents to the test in the kitchen, cooking up some unique vegan meals, meeting local vendors at farmers markets, cuddling with her treasured cat, Oliver, and letting her inner child out at Disney and Universal parks… anything to drive creativity and spark inspiration.

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Madsen / Senior "Barketing" Manager

Madsen, Senior “Barketing” Manager, brings his expertise iteam building and stress relief to the office. When he’s not snoozing under someones desk, he can be found greeting visitors, looking for treats or encouraging mental breaks for a quick game of fetch. His management skills involve ensuring that all team meetings stay on track. Getting up and stretching is his subtle hint of saying the meeting has gone on long enough, and “now it’s time to pay attention to me” – that, or flatulence.


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McCall / Chief Morale Officer

McCall, Chief Morale Officer, is Madsen’s younger, lazier brother who assists in boosting our team’s productivity and morale. Maintaining a warm, welcoming work environment is something he’s very passionate about. His other tasks involve supervising the windows (preferably the one’s with sunshine) and monitoring lunch breaks by ensuring no crumb goes uneaten. He also does his best to encourage staying active by requesting frequent walks outside – sometimes for bathroom breaks, sometimes just for fun. 

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