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There’s a common thread throughout the people at Day: Intellectual curiosity. It’s an important quality that pushes us to work harder, dig deeper and drive change.

Amanda Day

Katherine Davis

Vanessa Torline

Kellie Majorie

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Amanda Day / Founder and President

Concisely, Amanda is known for her savvy smarts and brilliant execution. But that’s just a start. Her wide-reaching experience with Fortune 500 companies, government, small businesses, infrastructure and transportation agencies, community planning, healthcare and non-profits put her in a category by herself.


The tougher the challenge for Amanda, the better.  Armed with an international MBA, an insatiable curiosity and a radical personal work ethic, she shies away at nothing.  A highly public, sensitive issue – no problem. For a product launch in an extremely competitive industry, Amanda says “bring it on!” Carving out a five percent improvement in market share – absolutely.


Amanda’s founding philosophy for Day Communications has never changed since she hung out her shingle in 2006: we will always be learning, always be ready and always delivering with tailor-made strategies and programs.


Clients know Amanda brings the right talent, structure and follow-through to every project, every time.


Her life’s journey in and out of boardrooms, on Capitol Hill, traveling the world and volunteering at an orphanage in Honduras is what drives her to make every day a better day for her valued clients and her team.

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Katherine Davis / Senior Marketing Specialist

Picture a left-brained talent for data-driven client outcomes, combine it with a right-brained knack for finding creative solutions, and you’ve got Katherine Davis, Senior Marketing Specialist. Katherine isn’t afraid to experiment with new approaches that drive campaigns and projects to the next level. And best of all, she brings the numbers to back up results.

As a project manager, Katherine literally astounds our clients. How? Her unrivaled project management and communications skills set projects up right the first time so plenty of attention can go toward the creativity needed to drive results. Sure, her degree from the University of Virginia and design work at Corcoran College of Art & Design gives her an edge in driving exceptional graphic design products at Day. However, her mastery of data visualization makes numbers part of effective storytelling for our clients in presentations, strategic and reporting documents.

Katherine’s attention to detail to meet every deadline is balanced by her unique blend of grace and determination to get things done. Running and tennis keep Katherine sane when she’s not handling meetings and deadlines for Day clients. Her happy place is Kauai, Hawaii, and she returns there with her husband as often as possible.

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Vanessa Torline / Marketing Communications Specialist

Vanessa Torline, Marketing Communications Specialist, is Day’s lead media buyer and go-to person for getting things done. One day she’s negotiating a dozen advertising contracts, the next she’s pairing the right message with the right audience for a corporate newsletter.

Always with a can-do attitude, Vanessa manages countless details – media budgets, performance data and hundreds of project action items – while keeping the big picture in sight. Clients rely on her organization and efficiency.

Vanessa is passionate about helping clients tell their story and building relationships that reach shared goals. When she isn’t keeping work projects on track, she’s planning her next travel destination or powering through the next book on her to-read list.

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Kellie Majorie / Visual Communications Specialist

Kellie Majorie, Visual Communications Specialist, is the eye behind the creativity at Day Communications. Whether producing a logo, corporate video, print collateral, website page or a digital ad series, Kellie pairs her knowledge of graphic design with marketing savvy to create visuals that compel audiences to look longer or click faster.

At Day, we often refer to Kellie as “Teflon” because nothing gets in her way of meeting every deadline, finding deeply buried website pages that need updating or reading between the lines in a creative development session with a client. Clients relish both her ability to deliver creative solutions and attention to detail.

Kellie’s driven with a passion for effective design and an eagerness to bring out the best in a client’s brand identity. She’s a natural-born caretaker — at least, we think that’s what her husband, step kids, rabbit, mini donkey, five horses, four dogs and three cats would say.

Dori Madison

April Owens

Sari Kossoff


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Dori Madison / Senior Project Manager

We look to Dori as a business builder for our clients as a senior project manager. She has a knack for sniffing out opportunities, creating unexpected strategies and developing tactics that are anything but fluff. Her experience as a CMO, advertising sales manager, a business development manager and business owner give her a 360° perspective on how to deliver bottom line results.


Day clients appreciate Dori’s straight-forward style and high-level thinking to move nearly any marcomm conversation forward.  On a personal side, she is known for quippy philosophic commentary and her book and outdoor adventure recommendations.

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April Owens / Media Marketing Specialist

April Owens is an Emmy award-winning TV producer turned Day’s go-to guru for finding the right audience for every message. Her passion for people has made her an expert in understanding who the audience is, where they are and what their pain points are to create and distribute content that connects with them.

With over 15 years of experience working with news teams in the U.S. and Europe, April brings an intimate familiarity with how multi-media strategies are made in newsrooms and throughout fast-paced media organizations. Our earned and paid media campaigns benefit from her insight into how to effectively engage editorial and advertising teams for optimal results.

April dives into any client project with intensity to produce the thoughtful and comprehensive products for which Day Communications is known. Her leadership as an award-winning producer at Cox Media, local affiliates with all U.S. TV networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX), Spectrum Cable, and CNBC Europe required the effective planning, goal setting, and cross-platform execution that she’s applying to building successful outcome-based campaigns for our clients.

Whether negotiating terrestrial and streaming radio media buys, managing live social media feeds or pitching to news executives, April always delivers with her remarkable grasp of the industry and human behavior.

The best strategists are those who are never done learning. So, when she’s not exploring the latest analytical tools and market trends, April thrives on absorbing news from around the world, road tripping to new places, and testing new recipes on good-humored friends and family.

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Sari Kossoff / Marketing Coordinator

Sari Kossoff, Marketing Coordinator, is a fresh talent Day depends on to stay in front of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Armed with a master’s in marketing from the EADA Business School in Barcelona with a specialization in digital marketing, Sari’s skills and perspectives add depth to the Day team when looking for new digital approaches, ideas and solutions for client campaigns, social media and project management.

Both tactically and technically adept, Sari whips through the development of data-heavy reporting and research translation and translates client information in compelling presentations and documentation. And, with her mastery of both English and Spanish languages, she delivers bright content that resonates with our clients’ audiences.

Living in Spain presently, Sari seamlessly and remotely interfacing with the office and our clients with the advantage of an earlier time zone to get ahead of news tracking and pending deadlines. In her free time, she shares photos of enviable food and culture around Barcelona, travels, rollerblades and spends time with family and friends.

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Madsen / Senior "Barketing" Manager

Madsen, Senior “Barketing” Manager, brings his expertise iteam building and stress relief to the office. When he’s not snoozing under someones desk, he can be found greeting visitors, looking for treats or encouraging mental breaks for a quick game of fetch. His management skills involve ensuring that all team meetings stay on track. Getting up and stretching is his subtle hint of saying the meeting has gone on long enough, and “now it’s time to pay attention to me” – that, or flatulence.


Close McCall

McCall / Chief Morale Officer

McCall, Chief Morale Officer, is Madsen’s younger, lazier brother who assists in boosting our team’s productivity and morale. Maintaining a warm, welcoming work environment is something he’s very passionate about. His other tasks involve supervising the windows (preferably the one’s with sunshine) and monitoring lunch breaks by ensuring no crumb goes uneaten. He also does his best to encourage staying active by requesting frequent walks outside – sometimes for bathroom breaks, sometimes just for fun. 

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